Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Loosing teeth can occur from old age, poor oral hygiene, or from a variety of accidents that result in a forceful impact to the mouth. For those who have lost teeth or are going to have teeth removed dental implants can be used to prevent a gap in your beautiful smile. At Affordable Dental Associates, one area that we specialize in is dental implant treatments. These implants can be greatly beneficial to our patients because they are effective, reliable and are easy to put in. 

 Normally when people lost a tooth or multiple teeth, their only options were to either get a bridge or some type of denture. Nowadays with the new advancements in dental medicine such as dental implants, people now have another alternative to choose from. Dental implants act as a tooth root for replacement teeth. Often made from a strong metal like titanium, these implants are placed within a patients' jaw bone and then firmly attached to a dental prosthesis that matches his or her natural teeth. Although this may appear like an extensive dental procedure, it is not. Our dental implant treatments only take about 3 to 5 visits to complete. 

 Why choose dental implants? The biggest advantage of getting implants is that they are permanent. Unlike dentures or bridges that need to be removed during meals or stuck in place with messy adhesives, implants will stay in place like natural teeth. You are free to eat your normal diet without pain or worry that your prosthetic teeth are moving out of place. Another advantage of implants staying in place is that your speech will not be affected as it would be with poor-fitting dentures. Also, unlike bridges, dental implants can effectively improve your bite without damaging any neighboring teeth. With all of the benefits dental implants have to offer, you owe it to yourself to check out our treatments and see if they are a good fit for you!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sedation Dentistry: Sleep your Way to Oral Health

At Affordable Dental Associates, it is important to us that we make our patients feel at eases so we offer a variety of sedation dentistry procedures. We understand that patients sometimes have certain worries or concerns about different dental procedures, but now with our sedation dentistry techniques you can just relax and virtually sleep your way to oral health! 

 If you are a person who is afraid of needles, who gags when having oral work done, or who just had a bad experience one time at the dentist, don't worry you are not alone. There are many people out there who share these and other concerns about going to the dentist, but by avoiding the dentist you could put yourself at serious risk of oral health problems. Anything from cavities to gum disease and worse can occur from plaque buildup when left untreated by avoiding the dentist. In order to fix these problems dentists will have to perform more extensive procedures than what just a routine cleaning would have involved. To avoid all these oral health issues opting for sedation dentistry is the best solution for people who would otherwise be too nervous to go to the dentist, or who just do not enjoy certain dental procedures. 

 Sedation dentistry is safe alternative for patients to choose. It allows people to have a healthy beautiful smile in a comfortable manner. For more information about the types of dental procedures Affordable Dental Associates offers with sedation as well as to request an appointment please visit our website or call the office location closest to you.